Saturday, January 1, 2011


Private Instruction or Group workshops are held monthly
on various topics including:
Astrology Basics/Advanced
Spiritual Boundaries
Natal/Progressed Chart Interpretation
Feng Shui Interior Design
Basic/Advanced Tarot
Reiki I,II,REIKI Master
Law of Attraction Tools
Healing Properties of Gems/Energy Work
Astrology Compatibility Synastry
Developing Intuition
Divination Tools/ Medical Intuition
Abraham-Hicks Teachings
Chakra workshop/Color Therapy
Soul Connected Relationships

Read the Interview with Caren for a book on the Paranormal here

-------------Client Feedback:----------------------------------------------

"Your Trust in the Universe inspires me everyday!"~Cheryl H. Interior Designer

"Caren is a life saver. I call her my therapist with a twist. She is direct, sensitive, and understanding. I have been using her for about 2 years and she can help you make sense of even the most muddled situation. Caren has always been right on with everything she has said to me. I have used other spiritual advisors over time and Caren is by far the most concise and accurate . She helps you to gain understanding of your situation(s) if there is confusion , and helps you to make the best decisions for YOU. Love her!"~ Barbara H. Doctor
"Every now and then someone comes your way that is a gift.  Caren Shery is a gift.  She is thoughtful, caring, extremely intuitive and spot on.  She has made an amazing difference in my life and has helped guide me to where I need to be.  I'm so thankful that I found her.  With Caren's guidance I have made changes in my life with confidence and success.  Plus she is funny!" Linda C

"She has a Knowing about her"~Joe, Java Joes.. the man that discovered Jewel.

"I just recently started speaking with Caren. Her wisdom, kindness, understanding, and encouragement is profound. She is skilled at instilling confidence and strength in people and by doing so has brought a great deal of inner peace to my life. If you are struggling with any pain or simply want to know the best way to handle any kind of situation life throws at you, Caren is the person to talk to. Highly recommend her!" Jane M

"I have this girl on speed dial.She has always given me the best advice and guidance thru the last 10 years of many ups and downs.She has the ability to Always help me see the spiritual gift in my situation and find my way thru it. She is an excellent price and super acurate!! You can call her night and day and she makes time in her schedule to talk to me on the phone.
I always call Caren Yoda!! She is a very gifted psychic"~ Ronda.Y.  Real Estate Agent

"Caren is different from any other spiritual advisor I have known because she is direct, accurate, witty and sensitive all at the same time. She has helped me gain perspective on so many issues and I am so thankful for her!"~Lauren C. Lawyer

"Caren's intuitive gifts and astrological expertise are top notch. She is heartfelt , accurate and very straight forward. I have learned a great deal from her over the years. Myself and many of my friends and family have been lucky to have her in our lives."~Pete Y Artist

"I always feel so much more calm after talking with you."~Diana I. Graphic Designer

"Very Accurate, loved the reading! Helped, out w/ a lot of isues I had concerns abouyt. Can't wait to call her agan, and get another reading!! "~Lupita R. Marine

"You led me back into what my heart needs instead of my ego"~J.U Yoga Studio Owner

"I always consider it treating myself to do your sessions"~B.H  Dean Holistic College

"I am finally getting married this week after 15 years of support from you in my growth.Thank You!
~S.R- Lawyer

"Thanks for your gift. You are amazing and I appreciate you!"~J.L-Dog Trainer

"Just wanna say I woke up with graditude this morning - as oppossed to having a break down. I'm gratful to have access to someone who helps her clients with skill truth and heart. Its like you go SLAM with the hard cold uncomfortable truth.....then - you lovingly guide your client out of the rabbit hole (the place she dives to after she's in shock from hearing the hard cold truth) and back up to a state of self empowerment, where she can breathe again. So thanks for doing your job with intergerity and heart. Have a great day Caren!!"~Nicole O. Manhattan makeup artist 

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